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Meet our team

Fraser Ale

Hi, I’m Fraser. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Biosciences and a Postgraduate Honours degree in business. My 24 years in professional fundraising has involved fundraising practice in health, disability, education, and sport.

Specialising in gifts in wills, my current role with the University of Auckland has responsibility for designing, facilitating, and implementing the university’s legacy giving programme. One great advantage of tenure as a specialist is that you get opportunities to volunteer as a professional mentor, donor behavior researcher, sector writer and public speaker.

Following 2 decades volunteering for patient groups nationally and internationally, including 12 years on the Management Committee of Retina International, Iwas elected to the board of the RNZFB in 2017 and re-elected in 2020. As we pursue initiatives aimed at enhancing the independence and improving the quality of life for people with sight loss, I’m honoured to be given the opportunity to work with like-minded people as Sight Support Trust.

My lovely wife Christina and I enjoy travelling, dining with friends and family, reading non-fiction and the performing arts. It has been suggested I exhibit OCD behaviors when it comes to craft beer, public houses, rugby and cricket, alternative/indie music, and our home gym – I couldn’t comment on that.

Sue Emirali

Hello, I'm Sue. My interest in helping others with Low Vision stems from my own experiences of deteriorating sight. I have Retinitis Pigmentosa and have always been night blind; I've never really had good vision.

I am a member of BLVNZ and have recently been matched with a Guide Dog Yazz, who is making a big difference to my level of activity.

I belong to various groups who are all striving to make a difference for New Zealanders living with Low Vision. I co-chair the Disability Advisory Group for Capital and Coast and Hutt DHBs. I am also a member of Eye Health Aotearoa and we are currently working on national projects such as the over 65 free annual eye check.

My objective with Sight Support is to provide practical experience, alongside hints and tips for others in ways of coping as their sight deteriorates.

Debra Duncan

Hi. I’m Debra Duncan and I’ve been a member of the BLVNZ since I returned from Australia in 2015. My vision has slowly deteriorated over the years and was caused by prescribed medication when I was a teenager.

My involvement with Sight Support allows me to share my lived experience with others with low vision and allows me to pass on information and tips to others with low vision.

Practical assistance, knowledge and support
to those with sight loss

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