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“You don’t know what you don’t know”

This quote by Socrates sums up the learning curve you embark on when you start to lose your sight. Unless you have a family history of Vision Loss you probably don’t have any idea of how you will cope and continue to do the day-to-day tasks and activities you have always done.

These feelings are normal and common as you learn to do everything in a slightly different way.

By meeting and listening to other Vision Impaired people we have been able to gather many useful hints, tips and ideas. This information we willingly share with everyone.

We have the support of Blind Low Vision NZ for the work we are doing and would like to thank them for the support they have given us. We encourage people to contact BLVNZ for specialist assistance.

We also have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Macular Degeneration NZ (MDNZ) to provide Peer Support by telephone (0800 555577) or in person at meetings/seminars and other events.

We are also available to talk to Grey Power meetings, Rotary, Lions, Retirement Villages or anyone who has a need in their community to know more about living with Vision Loss.

Practical assistance, knowledge and support
to those with sight loss

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